Light Works Wellness Center
Light Works Wellness Center
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    ​Transformational Counseling for Adults

    Laura (Rumfeldt) LeMasters Licensed Professional Counselor


     I believe in you! No matter your struggles, you can change your life. Do you need a nurturing and non-judgmental place to share your burdens? Would you like help finding your own solutions and inner strengths? I encourage my clients to discover their own way, evaluate their own truths, and follow their natural drive to change and grow. I will hear you and help you make sense of your situation. I can provide you with tools to manage your emotions, think more productively, and act more effectively. Are you ready for a change?

    Light Works Wellness Center

    753 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Suite D3 Newport News, VA 23606 

    Phone: (757) 570-4149

    Fax: 844-755-6393



    Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder
    Emotional Problems
    Chronic Illness
    Grief & Loss
    Life Changes
    Personal Growth
    Gifted & Highly Sensitive People
    Alternative Lifestyles & Beliefs
    Spiritual Counseling (All Faiths)